There are several ways to create a copyright. One is to record it as an Action which can then be "played" onto an image:


(1) Create a new action and start recording.


(2) Select the Type tool and type your copyright. Select the Move tool to nudge the text into the desired place.


(3) Select Filter -> Stylize -> Emboss -> OK. Now select the settings that suit you and click OK.


(4) Change the copyright layer mode from Normal -> Linear Light.


(5) Change the copyright layer Opacity to 50%.


(6) Stop recording. This action is now saved and can be played onto any image.


Remember, this copyright action is created for a specific sized image, for example 800 x 533 pixels @72ppi. Therefore if you play this action onto a different sized image the copyright will obviously be of a different size.


Another easy way of creating a simple copyright "stamp" is to use the Brush tool:


* Create a blank document.

* Use the Type tool to type the text of your copyright.

* Use the Crop tool to crop around the text.

* Select Edit -> Define Brush Preset and save.

* Simply click the brush in the place where you want the copyright to appear.

* With this method the size of the text can then be altered to suit different sized images simply by changing the brush size (pixels).


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