Sťan Wilson is a Scottish-based professional photographer. Up until 2003 Sťan was a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Dr Sean Wilson in the backseat of a Royal Bahraini Air Force F-16D during Exercise Initial Link (May 2008)Molecular Biology before deciding to concentrate solely on photography. In 2005 he launched Prime Images to cover all aspects of aviation photography, specialising primarily in military aviation. To date Sťan has visited Albania, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Libya, Macedonia, Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA. He has flown with the RAF, Royal Bahraini Air Force and USAF. In addition he has been granted access to a US Navy carrier during operations in the Persian Gulf.

Sťan uses Canon 1-Series digital bodies and L-Series lenses exclusively and his work, both photographic and written, has been published in Aerei, Aero, Aircraft Illustrated, AirForces Monthly, AIR International, Aviation News, Avion Revue, Combat Aircraft, Flug Revue, JWings, Lotnictwo and Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review. In addition to this Sťan's imagery has appeared in several aviation books and calendars.

If required high quality prints of the images shown on this website can be purchased. The images contained within this site may not be used, commercially or otherwise, in any form including, but not restricted to, the Internet, magazines and books without prior permission.

Sťan is available for all kinds of photographic work. If you have any queries please feel free to .



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